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Cheapskate Friends lets you and your friends find out the horrible, funny, and ‘naughty’ things each of you would do for some quick cash or other wants in life...

It's as real as it can get!

How to play

Use the white cards to guess how far your friends would go for what’s stated on the red cards. The most accurate guess wins!

To download the official rulesheet and variants, click here

How to play

Why people love the game

Singapore, you love money!

Hilariously relatable

The game pokes fun at the Singaporean ‘culture’ of doing absurd things for money!

Know your friends on a whole new level!

Know your friends on a whole new level!

This game is like burning bridges: where you find out what your friends can do for money, and what they think you can do. Thereafter, seriously reconsider your friendships.

Spark hilarious and memorable conversations, everywhere!

Spice up your gatherings

Inspired by the absurd sh*t Singaporeans do for money, we can’t help but to include NSFW scenarios to talk about doing for cash or other wants in life. Just don’t execute those scenarios for God’s sake…

The story behind...

During National Service, we often hear NSFs talking about going the extra mile for extra cash. A classic example being, "I'll take your guard duty for $50!" When we think about it, this craze for money is also prevalent outside of our camp. In fact, it only gets more striking: "1 woman arrested, another faints after crowds turn rowdy over $54 Huawei phone".

Inspired by the absurd things Singaporeans have done for money, we present to you Cheapskate Friends!

Previously known as ‘The Great Singaporean Sale’ Party Game on Kickstarter

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What are the contents in the 'Cheapskate Friends' box?
A FAQ card, 2 rule cards, 170 white answer cards and 20 red question cards.

Must I do what’s on the white cards?
None of the scenarios to talk about doing for cash is to be executed in real life. It’s just a game.

Where and Who can I play this with?
A party or gathering of 3-6 people.

What if I'm seriously offended by the game content?
Laugh it off. Why so serious?

Got more questions?
Please mail to

Legal Stuff

  1. Cheapskate Friends and its logos are owned by the creators of the game. All rights fully reserved.

  2. Please note this game features discussing hypothetical scenarios and is not suitable for individuals under 18 years of age. None of the ideas or situations presented should be acted upon by anyone.

  3. All third party trademarks and proper names mentioned in this game are used without permission, and neither the trademark owners nor the named parties have endorsed, sponsored, or licensed such use in this game